Here’s what Ausure Insurance & Finance Mount Isa and Mount Isa Home Loans clients are saying about them:


Lisa & Dave Clancy, Directors of the Clancy Corp

“We used to have our insurances with a range of different companies. However consolidating all our policies through Ausure Insurance & Finance (Mt Isa) has made life so much easier for us. They’re a one-stop shop for all our business and private insurance and they also offer loans for vehicles.

Scott Abraham has a great deal of experience and we trust the advice he gives us. He and Annette know our business inside and out, as well as our properties. We’ve build up a great rapport over the years.

It’s a great advantage that they’re local. They’re really accessible too and we’ve been able to contact them over weekends when there’s an emergency situation. It gives us peace of mind knowing we can contact them straight away.

If something changes or we have a query, they’re a quick phone call away. They get onto things straight away and get everything sorted in a quick time frame. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

They’ve made sure any claims we’ve had to make for vehicles or properties are attended to efficiently and settled promptly. It takes all the pressure off us as we know they can sort things out.”

Sherrie Tuppurainen, Real Estate Owner of LJ Hooker Mount Isa

“We consulted Ausure Insurance & Finance adviser Scott Abraham when we bought our business at the start of 2014. He’d previously dealt a lot with my husband Peter who is an accountant and had always been extremely helpful. We’ve since taken out professional indemnity, business insurance as well as our personal insurances through him.

Scott is very knowledgeable, highly organised and professional. He goes above and beyond and is always on the ball. He’s also local which makes life easier for us and is very accommodating & flexible in terms of times for being available to meet up in person to discuss things.

When we bought the business there were some existing policies in place but he made adequate time to explain the pros and cons of various options to us to be sure we had adequate cover for our particular needs.

Dealing with Scott has been a very pleasant experience. We’re very confident in his abilities as an insurance and finance broker which is why we’ve often referred him to our friends and business associates.”

Therese McElligott, Corporate Manager of the Start Group

“We chose Ausure Mount Isa as our insurance broker because they’re local, very competitive on price and just so easy to deal with.

Over the past three years they’ve continued to provide professional, efficient and personalised service. If I have to make a claim, they get it sorted quickly and effectively. They really take the hassle out of insurance.

Scott Abraham is very prompt in terms of getting back to me if I have a query. He gives good advice and is able to explain things I don’t understand. It gives me great confidence to know they’re on the ball and have things covered so I can get on with other aspects of business.”

Graham Hilton, Hilton Training – Machinery Training & Assessing, QLD

“Scott and Annette Abraham have handled all my insurances since I started my own business 4 years ago. They handle my machinery, premises, public liability and indemnity insurance for mine lease as well as provide income protection which is vital for a small business owner.

They’re very efficient, friendly and proactive in making sure I’m up to date. They’re really quick with returning calls and I’ve never had to chase them up.

Scott Abraham has given me good professional advice, making me aware of the risks I face in my business. They’re pretty straight down the line and recommend what’s really essential. They’re not just trying to sell me things I don’t need.

I’ve had a couple of claims which have all been handled quickly and sorted in a week or so. The biggest one was when an axel snapped on the trailer I use as a mobile training room. It was when I was driving back from Darwin. I rang Scott up and he got it all sorted so I could get back on the road and training again as quickly as possible.

They’re good people which is why I’ve recommended them to my mates.”

Leesa Fanti, Real Estate Owner of Vivid Realty

“I’m very happy with the service provided by Ausure Insurance & Finance (Mt Isa) and have recommended them to others who’ve also had a good experience.

I’ve had my insurance with them for about 5 years, including professional indemnity, business and home insurance. During this time, I’ve had a few minor claims on the home front. Thankfully these have all gone very smoothly. Scott and Annette handled my claim completely, took away the hassle and got everything sorted quickly and efficiently.

Scott and Annette are very prompt and their communication is fantastic. They provide answers to my questions almost instantly. If I need a certificate of currency, they get it to me the same day.

In a town like Mount Isa it’s great to be able to talk to a local and discuss things in person. I feel confident having received their advice that we’re fully covered.”